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Delivery Services

Delivery Services | Cremation Services - Winston-Salem, NC

Following the cremation, we provide delivery services for the remains of the departed to be delivered to the church or facility where the funeral services will be held. We can also deliver to your home or the destination of your choice as long as it is within fifty miles of Cremation Services in Winston-Salem.

Distances greater than fifty miles are usually dealt with by sending the remains via U.S. Mail or other shipping services. We can provide transportation of the remains to the destination you select for an additional fee.

Memorial services are often held without the presence of the body of the departed, but if you choose to have the remains present in an urn, Cremation Services can assist you in the planning and organizing of these services.

Our professional delivery services will transfer the cremated remains prior to the memorial service so that any floral arrangements, photographs, or memorabilia can be displayed with the urn for the funeral services.

Should you choose to have the remains delivered to your home, we can arrange for this delivery by one of our own tasteful, discreet vehicles within a fifty mile range of our facility in Winston-Salem.

If you choose to have the remains delivered to a home or destination beyond fifty miles, we can deliver them personally for an additional fee. We can arrange for the delivery of the cremated remains to homes or destinations beyond fifty miles via U.S. Mail or other delivery services.

While this may seem unfeeling or unusual, Cremation Services has used these methods successfully for many years and our track record for successful delivery is spotless. Call Cremation Services for the answers to all of your questions about our delivery services.

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