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Cremation Services

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Cremation Services provides several cremation options for our customers. We have gone to great lengths to find ways to keep our costs affordable while still providing a high level of service, care, and dignity.

We will go over all of the ways that we can provide affordable services so that they remain memorable, compassionate, and dignified.

Cremation has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the ease and affordability that it offers. It is important to fully understand cremation and what it entails. Cremation Services believes that understanding the process of cremation will help you make informed decisions so that the funeral service you design will be meaningful.

Cremation is the process of reducing the body of the deceased to bone fragments by the use of intense heat. The fragments that remain are then processed into a fine matter and placed in a container.

The act of cremation is simply one form of caring for the body of the deceased. It can take place immediately after death or following a traditional viewing or other type of funeral service.

There are many ways of incorporating cremation into beautiful and meaningful funeral services. Cremation Services can provide many options to help you create the kind of service that will memorialize your loved one in a beautiful, dignified manner.

Cremation Services all begin with a standard Direct Cremation process that includes staff services, the removal of the deceased remains, and the cremation itself. There are several pricing options that apply after the Direct Cremation has occurred.

State regulations require some kind of encasement for remains following the cremation process. We can provide a fiberboard container or you may provide a container of your own. Additional charges include the mailing of remains and the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service Cremation Fee.

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